ABATE Local 24 Fresno, CA
ABATE Local 24 Fresno, CA

Our Association

ABATE works to protect the rights of all motorcyclists through direct involvement in the political process. Part of our job is to be a legislative watchdog for you. ABATE has a full time lobbyist in Sacramento keeping track of legislative bills that affect or are of interest to motorcyclists. You, as an individual, can help in the ongoing struggle against anti-motorcycle legislation both here in California and across the United States by becoming an ABATE member.


For your information, here are our ABATE Local 24 officers listed:


Joel Ross:  President

Scott Loeffler: Vice President

Curtis Emmet:  Run Coordinator

Terri Emmett: Treasurer

Scott Loeffler, PAC Coordinator

Richard Bandelian:  Membership Coordinator

TBA: Secretary

Jim Pike, Merchandise Coordinator

Georgi Leonardo,Webmaster.



ABATE Local 24 Business Members:




Allied Linoleum and Carpet - Richard Bandelian        

(559) 438-0177  



Dave Christian Construction Co. - Curtis Emmett   


(559) 255-1222 



Neighbors Tap & Grill - Jeff Hollis


(559) 298-4020



Landstar Inway Inc.

J&S Distribution - Scott Loeffler


(559) 271-3000 


Mathews Harley-Davidson -  Cara Mathews

(559) 233-5279




Harley-Davidson of  Fresno- Brandon Miller

(559) 275-8586 




John Rodriguez Trucking John Rodriguez


(559) 269-5109


J. Ross Engineering - Joel Ross

(559) 298-0650


Leonard Storelli Welding & Fab. - Leonard & Michelle Storelli


(559) 299-8793      

Where To Find Us:

We meet the 1st Wednesday of the   month,   every   month, Seven Bar & Grill  @ 7pm.

Want to Become a Member?                        

For membership contact:

For more information, use our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!


Also be sure to check out the  ABATE of CA site. The monthly newsletter ABATE Bailing Wire is located under the Newsletter tab.

ABATE Local 24 Fresno meets the 1st Wednesday of the month.

Location: Seven Bar & Grill

Shaw & Minnewawa @ 7PM


President:  Joel Ross


Vice President:Scott Loeffler 


Run Coordinator: John Rodriguez


Treasurer:   Terri Emmet


PAC Coordinator: Scott Loeffler 


Membership Coordinator:

Richard Bandelian    


Secretary:   TBA


Merchandise Coordinator

Jim Pike 


Webmaster:Georgi Leonardo

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